USPS Woes–What’s the solution?

Mr friend, Dean Shyshlak, who lives in Portland, posted this yesterday, and he told me I could share it with my readers. I believe most of this problem has to do with an individual letter carrier and not the USPS as a whole. In fact, the attitude of the letter carrier to whom Dean complained is typical of people in the Northwest with the chips on their shoulders. Even so, I believe this story is worth passing along and our being prepared to complain to the appropriate people..


Dean Shyshlak

My issues with the USPS are legendary and have gone on for decades. Until today, my most recent problem has been missing mail, in particular, an original document being sent to me by the Columbia County Recording Office. I had been expecting this document for weeks and each time I have confronted my normal mail carrier she simply says she is tired of me always complaining about my mail. Well on October 9th I contacted the Columbia County Recording Office who informed me that they mailed the document to me on September 15th and that the document had not been returned to them. This past Sunday I saw my old mail carrier doing special deliveries in the neighborhood and after hearing about my problems and the fact that due to Covid-19 my office building currently has vacancies for the first time in decades and that many tenants were working from home and infrequently checking their mail he agreed to open the mailbox which is shared by all tenants in my office building. Well, after opening the shared mailbox we discovered my mail in 3 different vacant mailboxes not to mention that the mail of another tenant was also in 3 different mailboxes. So, last Tuesday I filed a complaint with my local Postmaster who took my complaint very seriously. Well, on October 15th I received my election ballot, completed it and placed it in the mail that same day, but not at the outgoing mailbox at my office building but at a local mailbox which I place all my outgoing mail in. When I checked my office mailbox today, to my shock and disbelief the USPS had mailed my completed election ballot back to me. As you will note from the pictures I have posted, everything was properly completed on my election ballot return envelope. It also appeared that someone had attempted to open my ballot envelope. Needless to say, I will be contacting the media, my local Postmaster and the Washington County Election Division.

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