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First impressions last.  A good first impression inspires confidence and trust in your business.  A bad first impression can last forever, making the reader or viewer doubt your professionalism.  There’s no telling for certain where that first impression might come from, but you can ensure that your written and visual materials provide a professional impression, both first and continuing.  Often a prospective customer’s first impression of a company comes from its marketing or advertising materials, such as website, reports, ads, articles, videos.

To ensure that those materials demonstrate professionalism, careful attention to writing, appearance and message is essential.

 Cain Publications offers concrete writing, editing, training and course creation that can make your company more profitable and create a professional first impression.

We do writing and editing.  Here’s what we can do for you.

  • Create ad copy that sells
  • Create web page copy that makes people want to return to your page(there are different considerations for this than for ad copy)
  • Write articles for your blog, so customers know you are the expert and keep coming back to your site
  • Write reports for your business about events occurring, demonstrating your expertise
  • Do research about current issues in your industry so you are always up-to-date on the latest information and caveats
  • Create clear and thorough but easy to follow procedure manuals for your company
  • Create new employee packets so new employees fully understand company procedures
  • Edit and revise your current company written materials to give them energy and precision

There’s no need for you to do the writing of your business materials yourself. After all, you are expert in your industry and business, so your time may be better spent concentrating on what you do best.  You demand quality in everything you do, and we can provide that quality in a place where you may not have the time or the expertise to create the materials you expect for your business.



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