Edit Existing Training Materials


What we do:
Instructional Design
Training Analysis

How we do it:
Examine needs
Build existing training
Edit training
Write manuals

If you are going to use training materials, they should do the job you want them to do--excellently. If they do not, some of your employees and/or customers are not getting the full benefit of the training you have worked so hard and spent so much time and money to produce.

We will examine your existing training materials and determine if they are consistent with the latest training and adult education techniques and methods.

if they could use updating and tweaking, we can edit and rewrite them so that they are more understandable and effective. Those changes might include some reorganization, shortening or lengthening individual lessons, or adding to materials to make them usable to all learning styles. They might include making the writing simpler and easier to read, while still communicating the same concepts and information. They also might be adding new material and information that has changed or come about since the existing training manuals were created.

In the end they will do the job you wanted them to do in the first place.


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